"Because Freedom Is Not Free"


PGA Hope

The popular military term “I’ve got your six”

translates to “I have your back.” With more

than 22 veterans per day committing suicide,

we must continually ask ourselves, “Do we

have their six?”  All outward signs suggest

we do not.  The pivotal question remains:

“What can we do about this?”

Studies have shown that the camaraderie veterans experience while serving our country is very special, most notably for those in combat.  However, upon leaving the military, these same veterans lose this important and much-needed connection. As a result, some unfortunately end up taking their own lives.  Therefore, we are stepping in…and up. But we cannot do this alone and respectfully ask you to consider helping us in this regard.

The PGA of America has developed a unique program that brings back that much-needed camaraderie among veterans: PGA HOPE, which stands for Helping Our Patriots Everywhere. Teaming up veterans within a golf environment may sound like just a fun time in the sun. However, it is so much more. It is an environment that creates that familiar feeling of teamwork and togetherness veterans experienced while serving but seem to lose when they return home.

After a highly successful 2019 season, the Kansas City PGA HOPE program is already in full swing preparing for the 2020 season.  This program brings together veterans in large groups, provides golf lessons by local PGA professionals, including Tom Watson; and provides for competitive golf outings over the course of 13 weeks during the spring and summer months.  The camaraderie experienced through this program is undeniable and has provided positive and dramatic life-changing experiences for participating veterans. Translation? It works!

The Heart of America Patriot Foundation has partnered with the PGA of America Midwest Section in support of the Kansas City PGA HOPE Program.  Please contact Steve Brown, Executive Director of the HOAPF at stevebrownks@gmail.com or via phone at 913-558-0038 to inquire how you can support this very worthy cause.